How to Help / Donate

SCINOSA is a non-profit organization run on donations zakat and fitrana. No student is refused on basis of inability to pay fees.

The amount of subsidy needed to run The Day Home is currently is Rs. 7,500 per student per month. We also need additional funds for educational materials and equipment as we strive continuously to improve our facilities. With inflation, we estimate that our monthly requirement for subsidy will increase to Rs. 8,500/- per student in upcoming year.

Accounts of the Society are audited regularly by Rizwani Imtiaz & Co, Chartered Accountants and copies of audited accounts are available for inspection by the public.

How you can help:
Donations to SCINOSA are exempt from Tax under section 2(36)-C of Income Tax Ordinance 2001.

Donation of cash:
SPONSOR A CHILD: Rs 6,000/- per month payment on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. We would give you the name of the child you are sponsoring and send quarterly report on his or her progress.

GENERAL DONATION: A commitment for monthly, quarterly or annual donation in any amount, or a one off payment, toward our General Fund.

CAPITAL DONATION: A donation into our Endowment Fund to help secure SCINOSA’s future.

Donation in Kind:
Philanthropists are invited to donate in kind, e.g. food (the children are given snacks and lunch daily, cost Rs. 150,000 per month) or take responsibility to maintenance of special facilities such as the hydro-therapy room.

Donation of Time:
Young people as well as retired persons are welcome to come and spend time at the Day Home. Our children need the exposure to a wider spectrum of society and the love and affection displayed by them will be your reward.

Crossed Cheques in favour of SCINOSA may please be sent to:
The Honorary Secretary,
216, The Plaza,

Direct Deposit to our online account
Bank AL Habib Ltd. A/C no. 1100-0081-000444-01-7