The creation of Society for Children In Need Of Special Attention (SCINOSA) came about after Mr A.S. Muslim, whose eldest son was born with Down's Syndrome found an absence of a centre to cater to the schooling and training of children in need of special attention. Upon reaching out to other parents and loved ones for advice and assistance, he learnt that the issue was mutual.

Hence the creation of SCINOSA came into being to address the fundamental need of such children, with memberships consisting of their parents and well-wishers. The main aim of the society was to establish a platform for teaching and training of children with different types of difficulties, to help them become self-sufficient and value-adding members of the society.

SCINOSA was registered officially on 10th August 1960.

Our Mission/Vision

The founder of SCINOSA, Mr A.S. Muslim envisioned to create a society that has inclusivity in terms of living and educating the children with disability in Pakistan. The sole aim of SCINOSA is to help make children in need of attention more independent and self-sufficient.

Our History

Founded in 1960- Mr Muslim elected the first governing body for SCINOSA on 11th February. As a parent whose first-born had Down’s syndrome he searched for a qualified mentor to help him with his situation. He received an overwhelming response from parents, doctors and volunteers after he posted a letter ad.

Mr Muslim organised a core community consisting of parents and supporters, many from the medical profession willing to help children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Early Years

The new Society had struggled to accomplish its stated objectives. There was little advice or no help as work was conducted in the country to this end. Therefore, for nearly two years no worthwhile initiative could be implemented. However after going on various expeditions Mr A.S Muslim was able to get some insight on how to go about his mission.

SCINOSA Day Home has grown into the biggest non-profit-making private institution on the field in Pakistan with the support and intervention of the parents of the affected children and other well-wishers and philanthropists. It continues to be the leader, and a visionary in providing the treatment, preparation and rehabilitation programmes for children with Down syndrome and Intellectual disabilities in Pakistan.

New Premises

Generation of parents have and shall be indebted to the gracious lady, Mrs B.K. Das, for her contribution to children in need of special attention. She came into contact with SCINOSA and got close to the children. Using her resources and the KDA allotted a plot at North Nazimabad on which our present school stands she helped create a school. Mr G.D. Tharia and Mr Hameed Habib, from the renowned Habib family, contributed to building SCINOSA