Salman Saeed

Salman Saeed the youngest member of his family was born in 1986. While there was always something different about him, it wasn’t until Salman was 6 months old that he was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy and intellectual disability. Having never heard of this disability before, his mother became very anxious and was not sure how to best take care of him. Salman’s family never considered his disability to be a hurdle. They wanted him to live his life to its fullest and enjoy everything that the world has to offer. With that in mind, they started looking into schools that could provide him with the education and skills that he needed. During their search, they finally came across SCINOSA Day Home.

Salman Joined SCINOSA Day home in 2002. He was eager to learn and would take part in every activity and event at school. Salman mastered the skill of weaving and making products out of Khadi cloth, which earned him a stipend of Rs. 1500 monthly. During his time at SCINOSA, Salman’s passion for sports grew and he took part in Special Olympics Pakistan in 2015, where he won a Gold medal in Cycling against participants from across 175 countries. He was part of the school for 13 years and during his time, Salman’s teachers saw him grow into a confident and hardworking individual. Salman Saeed is a former student of SCINOSA Day home. He was a part of SCINOSA for 13 years. The goal of SCINOSA Day home is to instill a sense of achievement, independence and purpose in the special children. The skills that Salman had learnt at SCINOSA, really paved his way for a better future. He is currently working in the packaging department at DanPak Food industry through which he is also supporting his family financially. He not only puts his heart in the work he does but is also very regular when it comes to his religious duties. The story of Salman sets an example of how children with special needs aren't a burden. Do remember the Children of SCINOSA Day home and help us make more such success stories.

Nazeef Hadi

Nazeef Hadi, a child born with Moderate Degree of Intellectual Disability on the 7th of December 1997. At 7 months of age he fell from the bed which led to him experiencing fits. His parents took him to the Hospital and he got well, but at the age of 7 he experienced them again. CT scan reports showed that he had been diagnosed with Primary Epilepsy. On October 7th 2019, Nazeef was admitted to the SCINOSA Day Home and was sent to the Vocational Group. The child seemed very intelligent, but as soon as he entered class, he was upset to see other children half an hour late and ended up having epileptic fits. The teacher was aware of his condition and handled the matter wisely.

After discussing this with his parents they found out that whenever Nazeef puts pressure on his mind and meets new people, his health deteriorates from time to time. His father told us that he had already been admitted to a special children's school where his health deteriorated, so the school authorities did not involve Nazeef in any extracurricular activities due to which Nazeef kept watching the children and he became depressed and eventually isolated himself and stopped associating with people and became accustomed to the mobile world. Due to excessive use of mobile phones, his brain started getting tired quickly and he became irritable and started getting angry at everyone at home. The first day of SCINOSA was the turning moment of his shining future as well as satisfying his emotions in all aspects. Here, after a month of hard work and attention at school, he began to come out of his shell. He often feels unwell at school but does not feel isolated from activities. He finds himself interested in the Scout Band, Karate and Vocational Department. The most interesting thing is that he is always ready to come to school. In 6 months, he started Karchobi Embroidery very skillfully and in school he has also made three dupattas. Now he doesn’t even have to explain much. If he is given stuff like stars, needles, thread, etc., and he works with great pleasure on his own. The scout camp was held on February 24, 2020 in Khairpur. Nazeef along with other children went to Khairpur via train. There he was very happy to meet various scout teachers and children. There too he was unwell but he did not miss a single activity. On his return from the train, he thanked his teachers and said, "I am very grateful to all of you and to SCINOSA for taking me so far keeping his illness in mind." Given the opportunity to interact with all the people because of which my mind is now feeling quite fresh and at the same time my confidence has been restored. I want to be able to do what I do here at home. I get mentally exhausted because I have free time and I have nothing to spend but TV and mobile”. Teachers informed the principal of the school about this and the team at SCINOSA shared this with his parents. They were also very happy and at the principal's request, they put Karchobi Frame for Nazeef at home by the help of his teacher, so that he could spend his free time doing embroidery. He overcame his fears and no one can deny the strength and dignity he has now.