Our Programmes

Special education is designed to prepare students for life beyond the classroom setting. The teaching of vocational skills is intended to set up the student for success after basic education. Through vocational skills training, students will learn how to prepare for a job, find a job, apply for a job and excel at a job.

We have divided the vocational programs into two groups.
  • Pre vocational group.
  • Vocational group.

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In soft vocation we have various mind stimulating activities such as learning to cut, paste, make envelopes and decoration pieces such as flowers using dough and coiling paper. Pottery and wool work is also a part of our curriculum.

Our SCINOSA Champions

Salman Saeed

Salman Saeed the youngest member of his family was born in 1986. While there was always something different about him, it wasn’t until Salman was 6 months old that ....

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Nazeef Hadi

Nazeef Hadi, a child born with Moderate Degree of Intellectual Disability on the 7th of December 1997. At 7 months of age he fell from the bed which ....

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